06 October, 2011

Pre... Target

Got my netbook 9 days ago. Heading to android and for PSVita.
I will also get them InshALLAH.

30 August, 2011


Heading to buy a new netbook and an android.
I need to be stronger than before from right now. May ALLAH help me.

06 August, 2011

Money is the problem

  • July-October, 2006, There was time when he saved moneys from his tiffin. He also used to walk to go to school to save 8 taka daily. He need those money to buy 256MB DDR RAM. He has a tremendous interest to run Windows® Vista™ in his PC. The minimum amount of required memory for Windows® Vista™ is 512MB. But his PC had 256MB. Somehow he managed 1950 taka to buy a 256MB DDR within two months. After installing the RAM he was very happy to see the newly baked interface of Vista™. Bad luck, his test exam of S.S.C is knocking his door. Mother didn’t allow him to sit in front of PC after the day of installing the new RAM. He was upset. Anyway, when exam ends, he is trying to understand the new functionality of Vista™, it was really interesting. But people didn’t agree with him to run Vista™ as OS. He knows that’s better and better than XP but didn’t clarify them, He also became confused when he was not able to install softwares he had. Again, he was in trouble to have the latest softwares recognized for Vista™. He needs internet connection then. Again he had to suffer to save money. Success! He again did his job. He got dial-up connection. During S.S.C again he used to walk to go to Airport bus-stand. Reason: save money. Mission: buy a DVD-RW. Success! Again he did his job. With the addition of the given money for his S.S.C exam by his relatives he bought a SAMSUNG DVD-RW. Suddenly his PC’s hard drive is gone. This time he request money from his mother to buy SATA (Serial Advanced Technology Attachment) HDD. SATA was almost new to him that time, he just learned that. Mother gave him the required money to buy that after his continuous 3 days crying. Looks like trouble is his best enemy (ha ha).. Various troubles were on the way of him and he passed, money was the problem, Ah, money! Oh, money! Why are you acting like fairy?
My name is Anis Khan. And this is my story.

  • But present! what?! ALHAMDULILLAH, he doesn’t care about expenses. By the rahmat of ALLAH he has already invested 60,000 taka in his PC to work faster and to play games of-course! He has now bigger dreams, even better things to do.
Pray for me brothers…
Still money is the problem, and it will be :( -- (!)